5 Ways Barbers Can Create a Better Client Experience

Stellar cuts can only take you so far in the business of barbering. With countless competitors providing the same barber services as you, the best way to stand out and build a loyal customer base is by providing a top-notch client experience.

While you may think you need to constantly hustle for new clients out of fear that you aren’t growing your business enough, it’s important not to let that distract you from elevating the experience for the customers you already have. 

At the end of the day, being a barber is about providing great service for your clients from the second they discover you to the moment they leave your shop. This guide will go over the main things you should evaluate when elevating your client experience. 

What is the Client Experience?

Client experience refers to the overall perception a customer develops of you as a service provider. This complex and all-encompassing evaluation of the perceived value you offer is influenced by factors such as: 

  • The skills you bring to the table 
  • The look and feel of your barbershop marketing 
  • The convenience and ease around being a customer

The experience you deliver your clients makes the difference between whether they’ll choose you as their barber or keep looking for another one who better meets their needs. 

For this reason, prioritizing client experience is essential for increasing your revenue. After all, it’s less costly to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. 

Exactly how much cheaper is it to keep the clients you already have? It can be anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire new customers rather than retain people from your existing client base.

This is why turning new customers into returning clientele is key for long-term success as a barber. 

Mapping Out Your Client Experience 

Taking an outside-in approach is the best way to focus on what’s truly important to your clients. By putting yourself in your client’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective, you can optimize their experience from start to finish. 

Focus on the following areas first to start seeing results: 

  • Online visibility – How easy is it to find your business through search engines and social media? What kind of user experience do your potential customers receive when they interact with your business on these digital platforms? Making a strong first impression is key. Your visuals and online messaging should represent your professionalism, personality, and skill. 
  • In-shop treatment – How do your clients feel when they visit you? It’s important to always remain punctual, friendly, and attentive as a barber so that your clients feel valued. Your station and equipment should also be clean and organized. Aesthetics, choice of background music, and extra accommodations, such as hot towels and snacks, can all play a role in impressing your clients.
  • Post-cut satisfaction – How do your clients feel about their new cut and their overall barbershop experience after they leave your chair? By paying close attention to the requests and preferences of your clients, you can deliver the premium haircut that exceeds expectations and make your customers feel like you always go the extra mile. Happy clients will be more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth reviews (and online reviews) about your barber services

Tips For Creating a Better Client Experience

With smart strategy and attention to detail, you can set your personal barber brand apart from the crowd and wow clients every single time. Simply follow these 5 steps to optimize the barbershop experience for your clients: 

  1. Create consistent branding – No matter how big or small an element of the client’s barber experience may seem, it needs to reflect the goals, values, and personality of your brand. Make sure your marketing messages are always aligned and cohesive. 
  1. Make it easy to connect with you – It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds for clients to find essential information about your services, location, and hours. This means your online presence must stay consistent and updated across platforms such as Google Business, Yelp, and social media.
  1. Provide a better booking experience – Many experienced barbers try to juggle complicated schedules by keeping track of every appointment through text. Avoid this chaos by using a dedicated tool like SQUIRE. With SQUIRE, you can organize your calendar and send out automated reminders so that you deal with fewer no-shows and keep more clients happy. Customers can even book an appointment straight from Google, Instagram, or your website with SQUIRE.
  1. Deliver a superior in-chair experience – Take advantage of the advanced features that SQUIRE provides to keep notes on individual client preferences so that every cut—and conversation—is 100% personalized. 
  1. Ensure a seamless checkout experience – With SQUIRE, your clients can streamline their checkout experience by paying before the cut. SQUIRE also offers flexible options for online or in-person payments, creating a stress-free checkout experience your customers will appreciate.

And remember: when you provide a seamless client experience, your customers will be more than happy to leave positive reviews recommending your services. To that end, don’t forget to encourage this valuable social proof by asking for feedback in the form of Google reviews. 

Give Your Clients the Best Experience Possible with SQUIRE 

To ensure the greatest client experience possible, you need a management system that can streamline the logistics of your business. This way, you can provide consistently high-quality barber services while simultaneously freeing up the mental space you need to make every client interaction more meaningful. 

Perfect your client experience, build lasting relationships, and increase your overall revenue with SQUIRE. Request a demo today!

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