14 Popular Haircut Styles for Men

Some people prefer to find a hairstyle that works and stick with it for years. But others might seek to try something new with every cut or shave. Fortunately, the modern man has many options for new styles to try. He just might not know it.

That’s where your skills and knowledge as a barber come into play. If you want to give your clients the most current hairstyles every time they sit in your chair, you need to stay up-to-date on the trends and be at the top of their how to find a good barber list.

To help you out, here are 14 of the best haircut styles for men your clients might ask you about at their next appointment.

#1 The Crew Cut

The crew cut is one of the most classic haircut styles for men of all time. Recognizable for its high, tapered sides and short top cut, this short hairstyle is a great look for any man who wants to look clean and tidy.

The crew cut has its roots in the world of Ivy League rowing. It made its debut in 1927 on the head of Yale rower Jack Whitney before quickly catching on with members of the rowing crew.1 Now, it’s among the most popular haircuts for men.

If the crew cut is too simple for you, you can alter it by going with a high fade on the sides or keeping the hair longer on top.

#2 The Caesar Cut

Julius Caesar is one of Ancient Rome’s most important figures, memorialized throughout history for his military might, intelligence, and political savvy.2 He’s also responsible for one of the on-trend men’s haircut styles.

The Caesar Cut features short, forward-facing bangs cut trim across the forehead. The hair is usually kept a bit long on the top, but the sides can be modified to a few different styling choices, such as:

  • Faded
  • Tapered
  • Textured

#3 The Short & Spiky

Popular Haircut Styles for Men

The Short & Spiky is a persistently popular choice for the guy who wants a punk-inspired look.

With this haircut, the hair is kept fairly long on top and styled to reveal hard angles that add more edge to the overall style. But the sides are cut conservatively short to balance out the longer top, making this a wear-everywhere look.

#4 The Textured Crop

It’s easy to understand the appeal of the textured crop. Among haircut styles for men, it’s one of the most versatile and stylish looks available.

On top, the Textured Crop can be a short or long hairstyle, depending on your preference, and cut to reveal your hair’s natural texture contours. Then, scissors or clippers can be used to trim the sides into any of the following looks:

  • Low fade
  • Medium-high skin fade
  • Undercut

#5 The High & Tight

The High & Tight is a short, clean cut made famous by army servicemen. Yet despite its military roots, it’s a popular look for civilians thanks to its simple styling and variability.

The foundation of this look is the skin-close shaving on the back and sides. The hair at the top of the head is only slightly longer. Then, you have three options for transitioning the sides to the top:

  • Blending
  • Fading
  • Undercutting

If the High & Tight takes the sides too high for a client’s preference, try bringing them down slightly and opt for a Low & Tight.

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#6 The Classic Comb Over

The term “comb over” hasn’t always referred to a haircut. About forty or fifty years ago, it referred instead to a convenient way for some men to hide the evidence of male pattern baldness.3

But, as is often the case with trends, the comb-over has evolved from a necessary style to an on-trend look.

Essentially, a Classic Comb-Over means your hair has been combed across the head from one direction to the other. A low fade, medium fade, or high skin fade is a popular choice for the sides, but you can also customize the look with one of the following options:

  • Complete shave
  • Hard shave
  • Undercut

#7 The Shape-Up

The Shape-Up gives men a way to define their hairline with a look that’s trim, clean, and closely cropped. The hairline is cut in a very straight line in front before gradually arching down at the sides.

Keep in mind that the Shape-Up shouldn’t eliminate the natural hairline as much as it should recreate and refresh it. Depending on the hairline, you can experiment with several Shape-Up variations, such as keeping it low or taking it high.

#8 The Broccoli Haircut

One of the most up-and-coming haircut styles for men of the past few years is the Broccoli Haircut. It’s deeply rooted in online Gen Z culture but suitable for guys of any age who want an of-the-moment cut that stands out.

The Broccoli Haircut features unkempt top hair that’s long in the front and styled to rise away from the face, while the back is cut much shorter. Then, it’s all balanced against closely faded sides.

#9 The Quiff

Popular Haircut Styles for Men

The most current haircut styles for men are often popularized on the heads of those in the spotlight, such as:

  • Elvis Presley’s iconic pompadour
  • Brad Pitt’s head-turning buzzcut of 20044
  • George Clooney’s mid-90s resurrection of the Caesar Cut

The story is the same for the Quiff. It’s been worn by many movie stars over the years, but it will forever be associated with 1950s actor James Dean.

The word “quiff” refers to styling the hair by brushing it upward and toward the back of the head to create a slightly shorter version of a pompadour. You can complete the look by combing a clean part swept to one side.

#10 The Short & Curly

Men with curly hair are often looking for men’s hairstyles that don’t require heavy styling or maintenance. For those guys, the Short & Curly is the way to go.

This short haircut features short or clipped sides that give way to trimmed, controlled curls on top. Minimal styling allows the curly hair to stand out without appearing unkempt.

If a client comes in asking for advice on how to tame or style their natural curls, the Short & Curly hairstyle is a prime option. Just keep those sides trimmed often to maintain the neatness of the look.

#11 The Mohawk Fade

Popular Haircut Styles for Men

In the early 2000s, the Fauxhawk was easily one of the most popular haircut styles for men around.5 But now, the fauxhawk has been updated into a more contemporary look with the Mohawk Fade haircut.

The Mohawk Fade haircut reimagines the high-middle top of the Fauxhawk with clean fades and slightly messy sides that are reminiscent of today’s other trending styles. It’s an excellent way to achieve a little more edge in a look that still feels polished and professional when styled.

#12 The Clean Shave

Sometimes, the best haircut styles for men require no hair at all. The Clean Shave is one such example. This look features a bald shave across the whole head that’s great for the guy who doesn’t have time to fuss with his hair.

If you go for the Clean Shave, keep in mind that the simplicity of the cut doesn’t have to translate into a boring look. Guys who opt for this shaved look can easily elevate their appearance by going bold with their facial hair.

#13 The Regulation Cut

Guys who like easy-to-style short haircuts don’t have to go all the way for the Clean Shave. Instead, you can find a ready alternative in the Regulation Cut, a simple option for a look that’s almost get-up-and-go.

The Regulation Cut includes two primary components:

  • A close-cut top
  • Trim, tapered sides

The sides are generally tapered through fading, which you can take high or low.

#14 Slick Back Taper Fade

Popular Haircut Styles for Men

The Slick Back Taper Fade is a look that’s both professional and fashionable. It starts with a medium-length haircut on top that’s neatly slicked back from the forehead. Most of the time, the hair is held in place by a product like pomade.

The length on top tapers into a fade on the sides that goes to the skin by the time it reaches ear level. Any guy sporting this cut looks presentable and polished.

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