Why Your Barbershop Needs a Website

By Dominic Wizard, owner of Hair Wizards

"Are you even a real business without a website?"

That's what my wife said to me when we were looking on Google for a place to eat.

No seriously. 

I'm Dominic Wizard and I own Hair Wizards Barbershop with three locations in Philadelphia. And I didn't have a website for years. When my wife looked up this restaurant that's been getting hype but didn't have a website, she straight looks at me and says, "Are you even a real business without a website?" 

I thought, "Yo, I don't have a website. Am I a real business?!"

That s#!t changed me. 

Why is it so important for you to have a barbershop website?

Make your shop easy to find

People search Google to find new spots. Plain and simple. If your shop doesn't have a website, it makes it hard for people to find you. How do they know you're still in business? How do they know your vibe? Without a website, they don't know and they'll find someone else. 

Clients want a modern experience

Our people want facts at their fingertips—where you're at, when you're open, what you got to offer. They're looking for that professionalism before they decide to let you touch their hair. A clean website gives them all that, tells them you're about your business, and sets the tone for the experience they're gonna get with you.

Give your brand a boost

Now, a website isn't just about dropping info—it's your shop's shining moment. You specialize in kids' cuts? Flaunt it. Got a skill for amazing designs? Post that artistry. Photos of your space, your team, and those fire cuts help paint the full picture, while positive reviews ramp up your street cred. It tells the world, "This is what we're about. Come through."

Make it easy to book

Time is money, and nobody wants to waste either. That's why a tool like SQUIRE is key—it gets your booking right on your site. Clients appreciate how quick and easy it is to book and pay for appointments. You get a smoother run shop; they get to step up without the wait.

Need a Website?

This is how you elevate your game. A website can take your craft to the next level, where more eyes mean more feet in your chair. Don’t sleep on it.

So if you're feeling what I'm saying and need to get your shop online, look no further. SQUIRE's got you. With the right package, they set you up with a slick, branded website that'll turn heads. Bring your A-game from the streets to the screens.

By: Dominic Wizard - Owner of Hair Wizards Barbershop

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