The Best Hair Clippers: 5 Barbers pick their favorite device

If you have yet to find that trusted hair clipper that suits your craft, then it’s best to ask around for a few recommendations. And who better to ask than the barbers who have tested them all, before settling into a groove with their surefire favorites? That’s exactly what we did with five of our favorite barbers: We asked them to identify the best hair clippers, shavers, shears, and outliners—whichever device they find most imperative and useful within their arsenal.

We got a great range of brand representation, too: Wahl, Andis, Cut Like a Pro, BaByliss, and Braun all showed up, and for a variety of different reasons. (Afro shearing, perfect lineups, easy fades, customizability, and one that looks as flashy-gold as it cuts.)

Here are the best clippers for barbers (and a few other devices too), as picked by some of the most booked-and-blessed barbers in the biz.

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip

Austin Quilter of Church Barber, San Francisco

@gqthegroomsman // @churchbarber

“The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip is the best all-around clipper. They’re ergonomically perfect, super light, and send out the best fades. It’s also a very versatile clipper; you can zero gap it or keep it original; it can do crispy fades or natural blended haircuts. It has a ‘crunch’ blade that does a better job of blending hairs, making it easier to get rid of lines in the fade. After many years of cutting hair, trying and buying other clippers, I keep going back to it.”

Photo via Amazon

BaByliss Pro GoldFX

JoAnn Noriega of Barberology, San Francisco

“The BaByliss Pro GoldFX is clutch in my barber toolbox. I love this stylish and gold (holla!) clipper because it’s lightweight, powerful, and cuts with supreme precision. My fade and blending game has never been more on point. The BaByliss has been a game changer in my barbering career as it cuts with ease through all types of hair. The versatility of the clipper is efficient and magnificent!”

Photo via Amazon

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

Julius Cvesar, STMNT Grooming Goods Co-Creator, Los Angeles

@juliuscaesar // @stmntgrooming

“Aside from the obvious industry [hair clipper] favorites, I’d have to say the Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver is a definite must in my setup. I really prefer this over any other shaver due to its technology and ergonomics. The premium model comes with a charging stand which doubles as a powered cleaner to keep the tool sanitized. The tool itself has the options to toggle between wet or dry, which allows for the shaver head to be stationary or unlocked for easy movement around the shaving area. The biggest reason why I choose this over any other electric shaver is that its powerful enough to cut through thick coarse stubble, even through a #1 length, yet gentle enough to use under the chin or on the back of the neck. This attribute allows for the closest smoothest electric shave with zero irritation.”

Photo via Amazon

Cut Like a Boss Afro Shears

Vernessa Stone of Philadelphia Barber Club, Philadelphia

@vernessacuts // @philadelphiabarberco

Cut like a Boss Afro Shears are a game-changer. They allow me to sculpt perfectly curved edges in a short amount of time. Plus, they’re good for cleaning up those rough waves that would make a pirate seasick.”

Photo via Cut Like a Boss

Andis T Outliner

Ronnie McCoy III, Private/Celebrity Barber in Los Angeles


“The clipper I use the most is the corded Andis T Outliner. And it is the tool I’m most attached to simply because the precision and power are consistent and has been a staple in my arsenal for over 10 years. Other liners have come and gone but I still use these on every single haircut I do. They’re great for balding out or getting a very precise line up. The T blade also comes in handy for tedious hair art designs. They do get a little warm with consistent use but for the price, double up and never worry about that problem again.”

Photo via Amazon

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