How to keep Barbers Employed in your shop

Some of y’all don’t understand the meaning of value and it shows. eVerYOne iS RePLaCeAbLe.

Sure, but not everyone fits a curated vibe. And although replaceable, the absences of some are still felt. It’s true the grass is greener where you water it, which still doesn’t minimize the fact that sometimes the garden needs to be weeded. So let’s get to the root of why barbers tend to leave.


It doesn’t matter who you are, the accolades you’ve achieved, or even the years of hours you’ve put in to get to where you are as an owner. None of your employees will ever be happy with a decrease to their lifestyle while there is an increase to yours. A prime example of this is an undesirable amount of hours, working too much or too little. If the barbers in your shop are struggling to make ends meet while your phone is set to airplane mode, it is only natural they will begin to harbor resentments.

The Solution: Invest time regularly to sit down individually and strategize. Emotional intelligence goes a long way in a company. What does each person need and what do they want out of their time? Some employees may want to fill their schedule behind the chair more, some may want more time for creative pursuits, while some may need more time for themselves. Sometimes all someone needs is an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.


If you want your team to trust you as their leader, lead by example. If you want your barbers to get down on their hands and knees and clean the bases of their chairs, you better damn well do it too. Telling someone to do something you feel above feels degrading.

The Solution: Don’t expect someone to follow guidance or directions that you wouldn’t do yourself.


Words of affirmation mean nothing when they are not backed by action. Expressing appreciation for their hard work while adding duties beyond the realm of their role in the workplace feels manipulative. Expressing confidence in their talents while decreasing their profits feel downright disrespectful.

The Solution: Show and tell. You may tell your team you appreciate them but how do you show it? When was the last time you did team building activities?

Be more than a boss and provide more than a pay check. Be a mentor, be a leader, and be an inspiration. Cut off your dead ends for growth and I’m not just talking about your hair.

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