How Do Your Barbershop Prices Compare to Top US Cities?

Barbershop prices change from city to city for many reasons. People living in different places want different things from their barbers, and that can make a difference in price. In some cities, more people want the trendiest looks. This gets people rushing to high-end shops and raises prices. Cost of living can also impact how much a barber needs to take home. The costlier it is to live in a city, the more a client will have to pay for a cut. Cities like New York or San Francisco are expensive places to live and run a barbershop, so the prices are higher.

Knowing how prices change in different cities can be useful in helping you figure out how to price your own services. By understanding the differences, you can understand why the type of clientele will pay what prices. Plus, it helps figure out if it's time to up your prices or if you've been charging too much. Overall, knowing what others are doing can help you do your job better. 

Compare your price to other shops in your area using our pricing comparison tool.

Average barber prices across the US



Oklahoma City, OK


Buffalo, NY


Hartford, CT


Providence, RI


Pittsburgh, PA


Riverside /

San Bernardino, CA


Baltimore, MD


Indianapolis, IN


Tampa, FL


Memphis, TN


Phoenix, AZ


Jacksonville, FL


Miami /

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Sacramento, CA


Charleston, SC


San Antonio, TX


Raleigh, NC


Milwaukee, WI


Denver, CO


Kansas City, MO


Boston, MA


Portland, OR


Philadelphia, PA


St. Louis, MO


Columbus, OH


New Orleans, LA


Virginia Beach, VA


Nashville, TN


Atlanta, GA


New York, NY


Dallas /

Fort Worth, TX


Minneapolis /

St. Paul, MN


Orlando, FL


Salt Lake City, UT


Charlotte, NC


Houston, TX


San Diego, CA


Chicago, IL


Los Angeles, CA


Austin, TX


Washington, DC


Detroit, MI


Seattle, WA


Las Vegas, NV


San Francisco /

Oakland, CA


How do your prices stack up?

Use our pricing comparison tool to see where your prices compare to the shops around you.

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