Barbers, take in guests of honor

As barbers, we keep our chairs and our hearts open to the cherished guests that sit with us. I feel that one of the greatest gifts of the trade is when that energy is returned to us when another shop welcomingly opens their doors and arms.

Being a barber blesses us with the ability to always have work and a community to connect with, no matter where we are in the world. Even through spoken language barriers, this act of service can be performed with the universal language; the language without words. A smile on a guest’s face after a haircut confirms a job well done.

If you’re a new barber, here are some reasons why you should be pursuing guest spots in other cities.


Doing a guest spot in a new city provides the opportunity to make friends in new places and reconnect if you are a well-traveled barber. Some of my favorite moments have been when I’ve traveled to a place I have never been before but seen so many familiar faces. From fellow barbers to cherished guests, you will make lifelong friends regardless of the distance.


Awe is defined as the sense of wonder and amazement that occurs when someone is inspired by great knowledge, beauty, sublimity or might. When choosing where to guest spot, I have always gone to cities I want to visit to make a trip out of it. Inspiration goes full circle when those who have forgotten about the hidden gems of their own backyard show you new sights.

Level Up

If you want to grow, you need to learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. Believe me when I say new working conditions, new faces, and differing styles from city to city will take you outside of your comfort zone. Strive and thrive.

The act of reaching out alone can be overwhelming and perhaps you don’t know where to begin. Start by narrowing down cities that interest you and head over to Squire’s app that shows the barbershops in the area. See something that catches your vibe? Put your best face forward and pitch yourself. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

If you’re a barber that’s just starting out, or a seasoned vet, try your hand at the competition circuit. You can always learn something new.

Photo via Ted’s Grooming Room

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