7 Must-Have Barber Tools & Equipment

Whether you’re still researching how to become a barber or have owned a barbershop for decades, you’ll likely discover along the way that certain barber tools aren’t just convenient—they’re necessities.

We’re not just talking about your scissors, though they do make the list. From business management software to the tools you use to keep your shop clean, having the best equipment in your toolbelt is one of the simplest ways to hone your professional presentation. It’s also an important part of how to build clientele.

With that, let’s run down 7 fundamental barbershop tools all professionals should have to show first and long-time clients they’re in excellent hands.

#1 Operations Software

Being a successful barber isn’t strictly about knowing how to cut and style your clients’ hair or give a good shave. You’re running a business, which means you’re juggling your operations, marketing, sales, and more.

That’s a lot of different moving parts to manage at once. And regardless of your experience level, handling all of those responsibilities is easier when you have software designed to help you pull it off.

All-in-one platforms like SQUIRE are helping barber entrepreneurs around the country grow into their next stage of business while maximizing current profitability. Our software lets you:

  • Collect booth rent
  • Accept and manage bookings
  • Process point-of-sale transactions with Apple pay, Android pay, or a chip reader
  • Payout your stylists, including tips and commission

In addition to keeping barbers paid and your operations in order, SQUIRE helps you provide a better experience to customers. Whether it’s automating customer messaging, managing wait times, or rewarding clients enrolled in loyalty programs, we offer a subscription level for your business’s scale and scope (so you’ll never pay more than what you need).

#2 Scissors

Must-Have Barber Tools and Equipment

Electric tools like hair clippers, electric shavers, and trimmers have become quite popular in barber shops, but scissors and thinning shears remain a staple. Barbers can choose from a variety of styles, lengths, handles, and offsets depending on their preferences, experience, and budget. Most high-quality pairs will have an adjustable screw, so you can set your preferred tension as well.

While many kinds of scissors are available, three types are used most commonly:

  • Convex scissors – These scissors have convex or beveled edges on the cutting side of the blade. The beveled edges feature micro-serrations to keep hair from sliding, making them excellent for cutting dry hair. The one drawback is that they tend to be pricier.
  • Thinning or texturizing scissors – These scissors have multiple cutting teeth that cut some portions of hair without cutting it off entirely, allowing barbers to efficiently remove bulk or provide texture. While not used for every haircut, these thinning shears are great to have in your back pocket to use on especially thick or coarse hair.1
  • Straight-edge scissors – Just as they sound, straight-edge scissors have a straight cutting blade. They’re a versatile tool and can be used to cut or trim beards, hair, and mustaches. They’ll also be one of the longest-lasting professional barber tools in your kit.2

#3 Clipper/Trimmers

Hair clippers and trimmers are a crucial part of any barber’s workstation. Their electric blades let you:

  • Create intricate details
  • Refine the shape of a haircut
  • Cut a great fade
  • Blend hair
  • Trim edges around the ears and neckline
  • Remove bulk in clients’ hair before going in with a pair of scissors

Clippers are a huge time saver, thanks to their ability to safely cut the finer details into hair or give someone a buzzcut in seconds.3 They also allow for versatility with different types of clipper guards you can attach to the trimmer head to achieve different cut lengths. You can also choose from cordless and plug-in versions for maximum flexibility while you’re cutting hair.

#4 Razor

Must-Have Barber Tools and Equipment

No other tool can rival the close shave a straight razor can achieve. These will become one of your prized professional barber tools any time you need to:

  • Cut clean necklines
  • Cut hair
  • Trim sideburns
  • Give a proper straight razor shave

For optimal use, keep straight razors sharp with a strop or honing stone, and use a lathering brush when applying shaving cream. This will help ensure every strand gets coated for an even closer shave.2

#5 Comb

A good comb helps barbers manage unruly strands during a haircut or trim. There’s a wide variety of combs to choose from, and it’s best to invest in several different types for maximum versatility during an appointment.

#6 Neck Duster and Cape

As a barber, your clients’ comfort should be a priority throughout their appointment. You can minimize the itching caused by trimmed hair by using a neck duster. This tool will easily get rid of any stray hair clippings sticking to the front or back of their necks. Meanwhile, a cape will help keep larger pieces from falling onto their clothing.

#7 Sterilizing and Disinfecting Supplies

Salons see a ton of foot traffic, and with it comes the possibility of spreading germs. Keeping up a disinfecting and sanitizing routine for your tools and station will keep both you and your client safe and healthy.4

Grow your business with the only all-in-one barbershop management system. Get started!

Equip Yourself for Success with SQUIRE

A successful barber is a person who has invested in the skills they need to run their business and provide excellent services. But that success is made even easier with the right tools by your side. From barbershop management software to a sharp pair of scissors, the right tools are key to helping you build an expansive and long-running career.

If that’s the kind of legacy you want to leave, check out SQUIRE, the all-in-one barbershop business management solution your business can grow on.


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